Individual Lessons

If you love to sing, then I will show you how (or help you do it even better)!
I firmly believe that anyone can be taught to sing – some just take a bit longer than others.
I love my students to be versatile singers, and to learn what their voices and truly capable of. So I encourage each student to explore a wide variety of singing styles and exciting repertoire. I also love being introduced to new songs, so feel free to bring along your favourite tune.
I teach Belt (big, high, loud broadway and pop styles) and Legit (semi classical, Julie Andrews older theatre styles) and everything in between.
My goal is that you should be able to eventually teach yourself. I will give you the knowledge and tools to tackle any song you approach in the future, and we will have loads of fun on the way.
Get in touch to find out more, or check out my resume if you still aren’t sure. I am experienced both in teaching and performing, with a lot of training behind me. I’d love to meet you!
Lesson Length:
30 or 60 minutes
5-10 years old
Group lessons $100 per term
Individual lessons are $250 per child per term
10-15 years old
Casual lessons $30 *
Per Term $250
 Adult Lessons (16+)
Casual lessons $40 *
$300 Per Term
*Casual lessons must be paid in advance or at the time of your lesson, and may be booked one at a time only.
Please make sure you have read and understand the Cancelation Policy