Performance Club


Performance club is a little class of my own invention, where kids aged 5-10get to sing together, perform for each other, and experiment with making music.

They will learn how to;

  • Perform with confidence (self esteem)
  • Be a supportive audience member (empathy)
  • Use a microphone (musical awareness)

They will also learn;

  • What nerves are and how to control them (self awareness)
  • What different musical genres sound like (musical awareness)
  • What they are really capable of (confidence)


Tell me more!

This fantastic class will run for 45 minutes, every Thursday during term time from 3:30-4:15, and costs just $100 per term.

There is a maximum of just 9 kids per class, so enrol early to avoid disappointment.

Term 1 classes will start on February 8 and run for 10 weeks


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