“When I decided to try and do more than just dream about singing, I found ‘SingOutLoud’ online. I had very little confidence and Jess was completely understanding. If you’re starting out in this brave new world of singing, I cannot recommend her enough. Because of her, doors have opened to me that I wouldn’t have otherwise dared to step through. Do It.” Calum Fitzwater

“Singing in front of anyone but my cat absolutely terrified me, yet I decided I wanted to face my fears and improve my skills. Jess was so considerate at understanding my concerns and gently but firmly guided me to a point of confidence, while teaching the relevant skills along the way. I look forward to many more hours with Jess and her piano, and maybe one day broadening my audience beyond her and my cat.” Amy C.

I’ve never sung in front of anyone – ever and so went to Jess for a one off lesson to see how my voice was before doing an audition, another first. I actually found it very easy to sing in front of her which is something not every teacher can get you to do. I asked if she would sing with me and she did and then gradually lessened to where I was actually singing on my own. It was amazing and seeing her smiling I knew I was doing ok. I would totally recommend Jess to anyone, especially a beginner who really wants to do something but is scared to – Jess is welcoming, comforting, experienced and actually makes the lessons fun so you don’t even know you’re learning.” Raewyn Murray

“When I was in high school I took singing lessons because my older sister did. The lady who took me made me do sight singing and “spaghetti” breathing. She took me up and down the scale on the piano, waited for me to muck up a note and said, “This is what you can sing. You are an alto. Go join choir.” and that was it. Earlier this year I discovered Jess and started taking lessons again. I was terrified but Jess started pushing my voice and trying different things. She is really encouraging and started boosting my confidence. She has a very different approach to teaching that I find really amazing and she explains things in a way that makes sense. Some of the things she does seem weird but they work because they’re different. She really knows her stuff and I would recommend her to anyone.” Christa I.