Find Your Voice

A workshop for absolute beginners or very shy (nervous) singers.


Understand and begin to overcome your fear of singing

Rediscover the joy of singing, by singing with others

Understand how anxiety affects your voice, and learn techniques to overcome it


Over five weeks, Jess will expertly take the group through a series of lessons designed to free up the hidden singer inside, explore what makes us so nervous of our own voices, and practice techniques to overcome this fear.

No one will be made to sing solo, everything will happen as a group and no one will feel pushed out of their comfort zone (at least not too much, otherwise what is the point?).

We will do a lot of singing as a group and (depending on the skill levels within the group) may learn some harmonies.

This course will not involve any performing for an audience, the goal is to discover your voice and rediscover your love of singing, not frighten it out of you.


When: Tuesdays 1 -2:30pm from October 30 – November 27

Where: 142 Collingwood St

Cost: $75


Register now, the last course had a waiting list and filled up very quickly

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